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Challenges balancing my art and my real job......
Special Event Plates and Bowls
New beginnings.....


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Challenges balancing my art and my real job......

August 16, 2014
Well, I'm now 6 months into my new job as a traveling sales representative for a major window covering manufacturer.  It was easy to take this job and really after much collaboration what I really like to do - besides glass that is.....
After all, I have invested my entire career into window coverings, and it does pay the bills.  
Aside from the fact that it does fulfill my desire to meet new people, forge new relationships both personal and professional, it still takes a lot of time away from my creative blast I enjoyed for 5 months between jobs.

Special Event Plates and Bowls

I've been busy creating special plates for special events.  First - Super Bowl. Go Hawks.  If you are a Denver fan, I can make a Broncos plate also but hurry and get your orders in today!

New beginnings.....

OMG!  I am so excited to start this business with you in mind.  I started out just like you.  Attended a 2 hour session in a friend's garage.  That's all it took!  I was hooked!  I had done lots of stained glass over 20 years ago and then life happened.  My tools were all put into storage boxes and they followed me through life.  Now with two wonderful boys now grown, and two step sons and grandson's later, this is all happening through the love and support of my wonderful husband.
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