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Time Flies

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

“Time Flies”, a phrase we all use daily. Especially in these turbulent times it seems like last year was a blip on the calendar and yet 2020 has been an incredibly long year!

But what surprises me most is how long it’s been since I really paid any attention to my website let alone my blog! Like everyone else, time is used up day after day with work, family, house, etc., so is mine! But as 2020 has brought us such a long year, I’m so lucky and blessed to have been given this website as a gift. The gift of circumstance (good or bad) led Jessie to me from New York. My best friends daughter who grew up with my youngest son. She was always a creative mind, but so young. Today she is a beautiful self sustaining, creative, adventurous young woman who happened out of New York and back to the Northwest if only for a few weeks. During that time we linked up for some creative time and a surprise to me she was well versed in websites. She convinced me an e-commerce website where I can sell my glass and allow the public to schedule classes online is my next step. So here I am! All because Jess believes in me! Thank you Jessica!

I’m still working on adding my items that Jess took such care in photographing for me. I’m not a photographer but luck will have it she has a great camera and a great eye for photographing glass. Not an easy feat! But a light table given to me by my brother Steven and a light box I bought online from Amazon - and it all came together!

I hope you enjoy my new website. I’m excited to launch it here today, September 28th, 2020! And I promise to keep blogging! All for now…..

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